10. 6. 2009

Official: AllGood Entertainment Sues Michael Jackson !!!!!!!

June 10, 2009


New Jersey-based concert promoter, AllGood Entertainment, Inc., filed suit today in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, against pop star, Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Jackson’s Manager, Frank Dileo.

The suit alleges that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s non-compete clause, part of an agreement with Jackson, entered into by Jackson’s current manager, Dileo, in November of 2008. According to AllGood’s attorney, Ira Meyerowitz, of the law firm of Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, “Dileo and the Jacksons must be held accountable for violating plaintiff’s rights under a contract which was signed two full months prior to AEG’s 02 London agreement.”

(Michael) Jackson had made repeated assurances that he wished to perform the disputed concert after the star returned from his London shows. “When pressed to commit on a date, Jackson and Dileo both reneged,” Meyerowitz said.

“This is a case where the little guy followed the rules and was pushed aside by industry giants AEG and the Jacksons for the promise of bigger money and movies,” AEG’s President, Randy Phillips it is known, took part in a secret meeting a few weeks ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he indicated that he had $30 million tied up in Michael Jackson already and that no other promoter was going to interfere with AEG. Phillips is said to have added that Jackson doesn’t even want to do their (AllGood’s) pay-per-view show broadcast.

“Jackson and the other defendants’ actions,” Meyerowitz continued, “appear to be part of a broader pattern of entering into legally binding agreements with companies and individuals and then backing out without just cause.”

The defndants actions are said to have cost the plaintiff millions of dollars.
Founded in 2002, AllGood Entertainment, Inc. is a promoter of live concert events which feature internationally known and acclaimed attractions ranging in ethnic diversity from rock acts, adult contemporary artists and comedians to Latin, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Old School artists.

Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, is a New York based law firm specializing in contract litigation. Ira Meyerowitz can be reached for comment at (212) 686-7006 and Jon Jekielek may also be reached at (212) 686-7008.
Contact: Ren Grevatt Associates – (973) 785-4201
They have also filed an injunction against the London shows.

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