30. 5. 2009

Stimulated to produce screens for O2 concert series

Stimulated has been selected to produce the screens content for Michael Jackson’s O2 Dome concerts in London.

Stimulated will serve as the primary production company for screens content, with Robb Wagner assuming the role of Screens Producer. Stimulated will create content, and Wagner will oversee all of the the creative and technical aspects of the production.

More about Stimulated, see the official web

The Michael Jackson Sample Map goes viral!

A complete article here

Another book about Michael Jackson

Another new book will be released about Michael Jackson with coincidence of his London shows.
"Michael Jackson - Black Or White" will be release on July 14, 2009 by a German journalist, Hanspeter Kuenzler.
Kuenzler has been approached by a German/Austria publisher, Hannibal to write this book right after Jackson announced his upcoming shows.

Kuenzler wrote a kinda tasteless comment on his website about Jackson's first press conference.

Overview of the upcoming Jackson releases:

June - Larry Nimmber's "Untold Story of Neverland"
June 22 - The Document (unofficial CD + DVD)
June 29 - The Collection (5 CDs)
July 6 - Michael Jackson: Never Surrender (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop (unofficial DVD)
July 6 - Michael Jackson Unmasked (unofficial DVD)
July 8 - Digitally Remastered Solo Albums (Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, HIStory - CDs)
July 8 - The Hits (2 CDs)
July 14 - Live in Japan (unofficial DVD)
July 22 - The Essential Michael Jackson (blu-ray)

28. 5. 2009

Michael Jackson: The Collection

AVAILABLE - 29.6.2009 as the Paper Sleeve format!

Sony/ATV Wins Big at Ivor Novello Awards

Sony/ATV had some enormous wins at the Ivor Novello Awards, the UK’s most prestigious songwriter’s awards, held on Thursday, May 21st. Sony/ATV’s songwriters took four of the biggest awards of the event, with two of them - Vince Clarke and Don Black - winning the highest career icon accolades.

Sony/ATV’s writers won the following awards:

Album: We Started Nothing
Writer/s: Julian De Martino / Katie White Performed By: The Ting Tings UK Publisher/s:
Playwrite Music (administered by Warner/Chappell Music) / Sony/ATV Music Publishing

Vince Clarke

Eg White

Don Black

Sony/ATV Scores It’s Highest UK Market Share

May 27, 2009

Following a record-breaking fourth quarter in 2008, Sony/ATV’s UK office kicked off 2009 by achieving its highest combined market share to date with 19.8% during Q1. This secured Sony/ATV in second place for the quarter, with Universal Music Publishing barely claiming victory with 20.5% (a .7% lead).

Although Sony/ATV’s album market share was its best since 2006, the majority of its success in Q1 was due to its domination of the singles market, where it finished with an incredible 23.5%.

Out of the Top 10 UK Singles of Q1, Sony/ATV had percentages on seven of them, including Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface” and “Just Dance,” James Morrison and Nelly Furtado’s “Broken Strings,” Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Flo Rida’s “Right Round,” Alesha Dixon’s “Breathe Slow,” and Alexandra Burke’s rendition of “Hallelujah.” (All percentages from MusicWeek, 5/23/09)

"Michael Jackson: Never Surrender"

Format: DVD
Release date: July 6, 2009.

"He’s back like never before, and he’s acting like he’s never been away; Michael Jackson’s run of 50 live dates in London will finally put the doubters to bed and prove that jackson is still a force to be reckoned with.

This DVD tells the full story of Michael Jackson from his entry into show-business at the tender age of 4, through his brilliant career to date as a performer of extraordinary talent and, via his trials and tribulations, to culminate in his emergence as an act who can attract over a million people to buy tickets for shows in a single city, after many had foolishly written him off as a ‘has-been’.

Featuring previously unseen film footage, rare and exclusive interviews, contributions from those who have known him best and the finest broadcasters and journalists in the business, plus news reports, location shoots and a host of other features."

27. 5. 2009

"Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop"

A new DVD will be released on July 6, 2009 worldwide, called "Michael Jackson - The Trial and Triumph of The King of Pop".

The description says:

"Michael Jackson is the world's biggest superstar and perhaps the greatest entertainer of all time. His achievements almost came crashing down during his child molestation trial. This film goes behind the scenes of that sometimes chaotic and outrageous trial. MJ's fans from all over the world always believed in his innocence. Found not guilty by the court of law, survived the tabloid onslaught and negative campaigns, Michael Jackson is on the comeback trail to reclaim his past glory with the 02 Arena, London. This film features appearances by: Kanye West, Billy Gibbons / ZZ Top, Jon Voight, Fantasia, Mo'Nique, Ashford & Simpson, Kim Whitley, Dorien Wilson, Yolanda Adams, Shemar Moore, Terry Lewis, Tom Mesereau, Aphrodite Jones, Linda Deutsch, Jermaine Jackson, Geraldine Hughes."

Some scenes has been already released few years ago directed by Pearl Jr.

24. 5. 2009

UPDATE: Raymone Bain vs. Michael Jackson

Raymone Bain's lawyers filed for a preliminary injunction on May 21, 2009.

As the filing says, they want an immediate accounting of all compensation Michael Jackson received from the Thriller 25 and the AEG Live deals within 30 days. Bain furthermore wants to have 10% of these incomes deposited.

Bain says that this is a necessary step because of the substantial risk that payments received by Jackson will depleted or spent prior to judgement, or Jackson will leave the United States for a longer and uncertain time of period.

She gave an example of Jackson's irresponsible spending habits: after the 2007 refinancing of the loan on the Sony ATV Music Publishing catalog, Jackson received approximately 25 million dollars for personal living expenses. Bain states that Jackson spent approximately 6 million dollars to purchase statutes and antiques.

Bain mentioned that when Jackson stayed in a Las Vegas hotel, he said he would not leave until he could purchase the property owned by the Sultan of Brunei, which had an asking price of 100 million dollars. Jackson even sent a purchase proposal to the Sultan's representatives.

The former spokesperson of Jackson's listed 14 settled legal cases saying that 13 million dollars were allocated to pay these settlements.


Washington, DC (May 5, 2009) …… “It is with deep regret that I find myself in this place, having to file a lawsuit against my longtime employer, and someone whom I have greatly admired and respected, Michael Jackson.

“Over the years, as Mr. Jackson’s Spokesperson and General Manager, sometimes during periods of critical and adverse circumstances, I have been his voice to media, fans, supporters, business interests and associates as well as those who dislike, misunderstand and constantly malign him. I have also been the constant defender against those who have, in the past,
attacked him in any fashion or form. Regardless of who you are, I believe you are entitled to a brief explanation about why I felt compelled, at this time, to take the action I have taken.

“Mr. Jackson and I have had a long, productive and mutually beneficial business relationship.

“We have experienced quite a lot together, from the child molestation trial in Santa Maria, to transitions from the United States to Bahrain, Bahrain to Ireland, Ireland back to the United States…and, all in between. At almost every step of the way, we have had constant detractors and naysayers. Throughout this relationship, I did not look at him as just a client, but a family
member, a fact that I, and others who were a part of the Jackson team, always considered, when making numerous personal sacrifices, and when making any decisions which would affect him and his children. For this reason, many of you will not understand my actions.

“Unfortunately, Mr. Jackson has elected not to honor the financial obligations of our contractual relationship, despite my numerous attempts to amicably resolve this matter. I have done everything possible to avoid this unhappiness and distraction…I have been left no choice.

“This lawsuit will result in some discussion about the relationship between Mr. Jackson and me. Hypothetical theories, accusations and rumors, if gauging from the past, will be many. However, all of these will be replaced in court with the truth.

“On a personal note, I would like to thank all of the individuals who have given so much of their time, assistance and effort, to help me throughout the Jackson years. To the Jackson fans who have written letters to me, thank you, and I wish you all the best.

“Despite the action I have been compelled to take for professional and business reasons, when looking back, I have no regrets. Michael Jackson, in my opinion, is the ‘King of Pop,’ and I wish him, and his family, only the very best.”

You may download the first set of court papers

23. 5. 2009


(due for release by late 2009)
OFFICIAL Michael Jackson 2010 calendar
(DANILO is the producer of ALL Major MJ Calendars for 2010. ML Publishing will only produce a small calendar.)

Thriller the 25th Anniversary Special Edition [Eco Style] CD

Sony Music Poland has released an [Eco Style] version of Thriller the 25th Anniversary Edition CD.

Official and Unofficial Michael Jackson 2010 Calendars

A Michael Jackson 2010 Calendar has surfaced on the market. It is produced by Dream International, a well-known bootleg company.

Fans are urged to be wakeful and careful when purchasing Michael Jackson related products. Therefore fans should wait for the OFFICIAL Michael Jackson Calendar to be released later this year.

The Official Michael Jackson 2010 Calendar will be released by Danilo. An additional, but strictly limited special edition and special format official calendar will be released by ML Publishing in the US and Japan. The final art covers of both editions are currently being designed.

21. 5. 2009

ITN NEWS - Michael Jackson postpones opening show at 02 Arena

VIDEO at the dermatologist, 20.5.

This official MJJC support report of those who are in a serious situation,

MJJC is about community, we are all one big team and together we will do our best to get you all through this as easy as possible.

So You need to post
  1. An email with your concert/question/complaint which will be subbmitted to AEG to
  1. We need the details of your loss
  • Your Name and forum name
  • Your concert date
  • Your seat Number
  • Your flight carrier
  • Your Hotel name and dates booked
  • The costs in which you have lost (estimated)
With the above information we will be personaly submiting this to AEG in a spread sheet format and we will also be on a grand scale contacting the hotels and airline carriers to see what we can as a major organisation do.

MJJCommunity is here for you, I have been hearing some really heart wrenching stories this evening and me and my team can not sit back and do nothing,

So MJJC is here for you

Nation 2 Nation


Gary M Taylor
President & Owner MJJCommunity.com

Ticketmaster issued a press release

Ticketmaster issued a press release confirming that "due to the sheer magnitude of the 'This Is It' concerts at the O2 Arena promoters and producers AEG Live and Kenny Ortega, Michael’s directorial partner and creative collaborator have elected to move back a few of the opening shows in order to meet the challenges presented by such a massive and technically complex show. Organisers are determined that all Michael’s legions of fans attending the opening nights get the same quality of staging and level of entertainment..."

The dates affected include: July 8th, 2009 (moved to July 13th, 2009), July 10th, 2009 (moved to March 1st, 2010), July 12th, 2009 (moved to March 3rd, 2010), and July 14th, 2009 (moved to March 6th, 2010). No other dates are affected by the rescheduling.

Continuing on, the statement reads: "Kenny and Michael are, at the same time, both creative pioneers and perfectionists. This show has grown in size and scope, thereby, necessitating more lead time for manufacture of the set, programming the content for the massive video elements, and, most importantly, more time for full production and dress rehearsals in the world’s busiest arena, the O2. As much as we agonized over this change in the original schedule, we are sure the fans will understand when they experience the level of entertainment Michael Jackson intends to deliver while also ensuring the safety of the musicians, cast and crew and the crisp execution of the production. It is AEG Live’s sincere hope that those lucky enough to have purchased tickets will have enough time to change their personal schedules and travel plans if they are coming from outside of London. We do not want anyone to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience...Michael, who is directly involved with all aspects of the styling/choreography/band selection and rehearsals, is working around the clock to ensure this is the show to end all shows! Kenny Ortega, Michael’s directorial partner and creative collaborator said, 'After directing the Dangerous and HIStory tours, I know what the fans expect and myself and the team want to deliver a flawless production. We apologise to all disappointed Michael Jackson fans and remain extremely dedicated and focused on creating an exceptional live music experience.'"

Michael at the dermatologist - 20.5.

20. 5. 2009

UPDATE: MJ press conference

At the Press Conference where both Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips were present they stated the reason for the reschedules was because they needed more time in the O2 and Randy then went on to say quite briefly that when the concerts were announced it was widely known that the concerts were a working progress...
Tough decision to make. They don't have enough time to work in the O2 Arena to prepare the show. They need 5 extra days.
Kenny Ortega is doing Footloose, and wasn't ready to start the shows at the O2 due to his busy schedule.

FULL VIDEO Interview - http://www.michaeljacksonlive.com/video.php?vid=7#vid

Ticketmaster Announce Rescheduling Of Opening Shows

Ticketmaster Announce Rescheduling Of Opening Shows

Dear Customer

This afternoon Michael Jackson show producers will be announcing the rescheduling and change of the opening shows in order to meet the challenges presented by such a large and technically complex concert.

Please allow us to apologise. It was not an easy decision to change the schedule but in the end we wanted to ensure that all of Michael's fans attending the concerts get the same quality in staging and level of entertainment. It is AEG Live's sincere hope that those lucky enough to have purchased tickets will have enough time to change their personal schedules and travel plans if they are coming from outside of London. We do not want anyone to miss this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We are writing to let you know that the 8th July concert that you purchased tickets for at the O2 arena is now scheduled for 13th July. The tickets you receive will be printed with the rescheduled date and you will have the same seat you originally purchased. You do not have to do anything as you will be automatically allocated the same seats and moved to the revised date.

We understand the inconvenience this may have caused and for this reason we have secured some excellent hotel deals for Michael Jackson fans traveling to London on these rescheduled dates. Please contact our official travel package provider Thomsonexperience at customerservice@thomsonexperience.com or call on +44 (0)20 74621563 for discounted deals on hotel beds in London. We can offer a 10% discount on all hotel bookings. Quote 'Michael Jackson rescheduled dates' in order to claim the offer.

If you cannot attend the revised date please contact us no later than the 19th June 2009 to obtain a full refund at Michaeljackson@Ticketmaster.co.uk or via the Michael Jackson Customer Support line on 0844 277 9982.

Please note due to the timeline involved in rescheduling this show your tickets will now be dispatched after the 19th of June.

Thanks for your understanding. Michael, who is directly involved with all aspects of the styling/choreography/band selection and rehearsals, is working around the clock to ensure this is the show to end all shows! We look forward to seeing you on 13 July.

Ticketmaster - sent on behalf of AEG Live

8th July 2009 now becomes 13th July 2009

10th July 2009 now becomes 1st March 2010

12th July 2009 now becomes 3rd March 2010

14th July 2009 now becomes 6th March 2010 but LAST SHOW

A complete list - http://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/Michael-Jackson-tickets/artist/945764?tm_link=michael_jackson_link1

· 13TH JULY 2009*
· 16TH JULY 2009
· 18TH JULY 2009
· 22ND JULY 2009
· 24TH JULY 2009
· 26TH JULY 2009
· 28TH JULY 2009
· 30TH JULY 2009
· 1ST AUGUST 2009
· 3RD AUGUST 2009
· 10TH AUGUST 2009
· 12TH AUGUST 2009
· 17TH AUGUST 2009
· 19TH AUGUST 2009
· 24TH AUGUST 2009
· 26TH AUGUST 2009
· 28TH AUGUST 2009
· 30TH AUGUST 2009
· 7TH JANUARY 2010
· 9TH JANUARY 2010
· 12TH JANUARY 2010
· 14TH JANUARY 2010
· 16TH JANUARY 2010
· 18TH JANUARY 2010
· 23RD JANUARY 2010
· 25TH JANUARY 2010
· 27TH JANUARY 2010
· 29TH JANUARY 2010
· 10TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 12TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 16TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 18TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 20TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 22ND FEBRUARY 2010
· 24TH FEBRUARY 2010
· 1ST MARCH 2010*
· 3RD MARCH 2010*
· 6TH MARCH 2010*

This Is IT - rehearsals with Michael himself

AEG Live: Press Release

Rehearsals for the Michael Jackson shows are well underway and already the King of Pop is hard at work preparing his concerts with show director Kenny Ortega and contributing choreographer and dancer from the Dangerous and HIStory tours, Travis Payne.

Shrouded in secrecy and the subject of much speculation as to their content, the shows have created a level of excitement never witnessed before. Fittingly, for such an out of this world show, rehearsals are taking place south of Silicone Valley, west of the NASA Space Center!

One of the highlights of rehearsals has been the dance auditions. With over 5,000 applications received, the number was narrowed down to 500 potential candidates, flying into California from all over America, and as far away as Australia, Canada, Japan, Europe, UK, and South America. They are some of the greatest dancers the world has to offer, and they were there for one reason - Michael! His influence inspired many of them to become dancers in the first place.

The competition was intense during the 3 days of auditioning at the Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. Michael Jackson was present along with Kenny and Travis to make the final selections. The challenge to secure a place in the show became a reality for fewer and fewer as the level of competition increased. Dancers were tested on their strength, skill, style, creativity, fitness, commitment and execution

Ortega says, "The level of dancers that we saw at the auditions was incredible. Michael was extremely hands on throughout the process in working with the dancers and selecting the final candidates. It was an exciting, intense and highly creative process and not an easy decision in the end."

For your front row seat at the auditions log onto www.MichaelJacksonLive.com for behind-the-scene footage.

The final line-up of just 12 dancers includes an exceptional mix of international performers. Selected to perform alongside Michael Jackson at London's O2 arena are US dancers Charles Kapow, Ricardo Reid, Tyne Stecklein, Misha Hamilton, Mekia Cox, Nicholas Bass, Danielle Rueda-Watts and Christopher Grant. As well as, Timor Steffens from Germany, Australian dancer Shannon Holtzapffel, Daniel Celbre and Devin Jamieson from Canada.

Randy Phillips, President & CEO of AEG Live, commented, "Watching Mike and Kenny create this spectacle using the greatest repertoire in contemporary music is one of the most exciting experiences in my career in live entertainment. The fans who are flocking to see Michael Jackson's return to the stage will not be disappointed. From the special effects to the quality of the dancers and musicians, we are setting a new standard for major arena shows".

Be clear that this is not just a concert, "This Is It" will be a fully integrated musical experience combining theatre, film, music and the latest advances in technology. Movies, music and movement all rolled into one! . Michael is present at rehearsals overseeing every detail day in day out and constantly pushing the bar slightly higher.

Ortega adds, "It is an intense and exciting creative period. Onstage with the greatest entertainer of our time, we have a strong, talented, dynamic group of dancers and musicians. These are artists whose talent, dedication, skill and passion for performing with their idol is felt every hour of every day spent rehearsing. What is going to take place on that stage at The O2 arena in July will truly be inspiring."

By the end of the 50 concerts, 750,000 fans will have witnessed one of the greatest musical events in history. This will be the last chance to see the King of Pop in London - a historic stage show, and once in a lifetime concert experience - this really is it!