22. 6. 2009

LOST BOY - the book by Kit Culkin

"Lost Boy" is currently available in PDF format only. (printing allowed)

- Number of pages: 64 (110 including 2 appendixes)
- Shipping: Download Only
- Author: Kit Culkin
- Distribution: "Lost Boy" is published and distributed exclusively through KitCulkin.com.
- Original Release Date: May 09, 2005 (Updated Oct.05)

"Lost Boy" is a highly detailed story on Michael Jackson and his private world, dealing with controversial issues of the present and past. Kit and his family were frequent guests at Jackson's Neverland Ranch in the 90's and got to know Jackson quite well. This is neither a pro or against Jackson story, but does provide some interesting views seen in the light of the trial. However, Kit does not take any stand as to whether Jackson is guilty or not. Also including his opinion on the so-called sexual episodes between his son Macaulay Culkin and Jackson, that some witnesses claim to have seen.


Michael Jackson's Business Issues - updates

Michael Jackson just confirmed in the rachael bower case the exist of his new company, MJJ Kingdom. Below you may see an updated list of his other known business entities:


Name: MJJ Productions LLC and Inc.
Profile: Management (Old company, re-activated)
Established: Re-activated on 07-31-2008 (10-30-1979)
Status: Active

Name: Michael Jackson Company LLC
Profile: Management (Established in the "rachael bower era", it's future is still unknown)
Established: 06-13-2006
Status: Active

Name: Jackson International LLC
Profile: Management and investment
Established: 12-21-1998
Status: Active

The newly created MJJ Legacy Inc. has been already defaulted.

Fire Mountain Services LLC set up in the Marc Schaffel era is still active.


Name: MJJ Kingdom LLC
Profile: Music production (Newly established, exact profile still unknown, legal firm: Robin C. Gilden from Reish Luftman Reicher & Cohen LLP)
Established: 08-08-2008
Status: Active

Name: MJJ Records LLC (dba as MJJ Music)
Profile: Music label
Established: 08-15-1997
Status: Cancelled on 04-26-2002


Name: MJJ Ventures Inc.
Profile: Video production (Old company, re-activated)
Established: 2-26-1991
Status: Active


Name: MJ Licensing LLC
Profile: Licensing
Established: 10-10-2003 (Re-activated on 04-18-2007)
Status: Active

Name: Triumph International Inc.
Profile: Licensing
Established: 07-19-1982
Status: Cancelled on 03-01-2003 - Triumph International LLC established the same time


Name: MiJac Music Inc. (under Waner-Tamerlane Publishing)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1979
Status: Active

Name: Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ ATV Publishing Trust (Jackson's 50% stake in Sony ATV Music Publishing LLC)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-09-1999
Status: Active

Name: MJ Publishing LLC (Jackson's 100% stake in Mijac Music Inc.)
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-30-1998
Status: Inactive

Name: New Horizon Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 02-10-2006
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust II.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-09-2007
Status: Active

Name: New Horizon Trust III.
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-13-2007
Status: Active

Name: Sony MJ Music Publishing LLC
Profile: Publishing
Established: 11-02-1995
Status: Active

Name: MJ Sony Music Trust
Profile: Publishing
Established: 1995
Status: Cancelled on 05-31-2006


Name: Sycamore Valley Ranch Company LLC
Profile: Properties
Established: 07-15-2008
Status: Active

20. 6. 2009

Update: Raymone Bain

Major Court Update June 18, 2009

Today, several key motions were filed by Michael's defense to both respond to and oppose rachael's claims. A summary of the VERY REVEALING claims as made by Michael's attorneys is included below:

- On December 27, 2007 both Michael Jackson and rachael bower entered into a "Payment and Release Agreement" whereby rachael acknowledged that she was "not owed any additional monies under any other agreement from the beginning of time until December 27, 2007." As such, Michael's team claims that "any monies allegedly owed under the May 30, 2006 agreement between the parties were extinguished under the Payment and Release."

- The defense notes that this Payment and Release form is, not surprisingly, "completely and conspicuously absent from any of Plaintiffs’ pleadings and filings with this Court."

- More legal jargon which ultimately reiterates their stance that rachael's claim is legally "not only without merit, but is frivolous."

- A deposition from Londell McMillan confirmed that rachael bower, as part of the Payment and Release Agreement she signed into in 2007, was paid $488,820.05 and was fully satisfied, with total acknowledgment that NO OTHER MONEY was owed to her under ANY past agreements. This makes it clear why she avoided mentioning that release agreement in her complaint.

- The actual payment and release agreement states, in part:

================================================== ==========
Mr. Jackson shall render a payment made payable to you [Plaintiffs] in the amount of four hundred and eighty-eight thousand, eight hundred and twenty dollars and five cents ($488,820.05) as full and final satisfaction of any and all monies, known or unknown, to be owed to you by the Jackson Parties with respect to any and all agreements whether verbal or written that you may have entered into with the Jackson Parties from the beginning of time until December 27, 2007 (the "Payment").

Except as otherwise set forth herein, in consideration of the Payment and other consideration provided herein, you [Plaintiffs] on behalf of yourself, your respective predecessors in interests, successors and assigns, representatives, partners, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, members, officers, directors, agents, attorneys, employees, insurers, donees and licensees and each of them as applicable, do hereby absolutely, fully and forever release, relieve, waive, relinquish and discharge the Jackson Parties and each of their respective predecessors in interest, successors and assigns, representatives, partners, parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, members, officers, directors, agents, attorneys, employees, insurers, donees and licensees and each of them as applicable of and from any and all manner of action or actions, suits debts, liabilities, demands, claims, obligations, costs, expenses, sums of money, controversies, damages, accounts, reckonings, and liens of every kind or nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected which you shall or may have, own or hold, or which they at any time heretofore had owned or held against the Jackson Parties by reason of, arising out of or in connection with any matter whatsoever.


This agreement contains the entire understanding between and among the parties hereto and supersedes any and all prior understandings, agreements, representations, covenants, warranties, and releases, express or implied, written or oral, between any of the parties...

================================================== ==========

The defense argument goes on to describe how the court will have to uphold the agreement put in place by rachael and Michael Jackson in 2007, and how her claims exist based on "hearsay lacking any evidentiary support." Also, information and past court cases are cited as to why she cannot freeze any of Michael Jackson's assets or accounts without first obtaining a judgment, which again would be very unlikely given the release agreement acknowledging that she was owed nothing more regardless of any past agreements.

In conclusion, with this BINDING AGREEMENT now revealed and on the table, rachael has "no viable case against the Jackson Parties and are therefore unlikely to succeed on the merits."

Reason for the delay in responding

In addition to the bombshell information I mentioned previously, Michael's side also explained the delay in response, and why the original notice of default should be tossed now that a formal response has been made within the allocated time the court provided.

According to the claim, Michael Jackson only became aware of this case on June 7th whereby he quickly acted to appoint the legal team he now has in charge of it. He was only informed of it through Frank Dileo who learned of it via the media, and never through a formal summons. rachael alleged that a summons was given to a security guard and to Dr. Tohme Tohme, but none of them actually made their way to Michael. Dr. Tohme Tohme no longer has any personal nor professional association with Michael Jackson, nor did he at the time the original summons was served and he did not in any way communicate the information to Michael.

In addition, the lawyers state that "because of the existence of a valid and binding payment and release agreement between the parties, this action came as a complete surprise to [Michael Jackson]... Despite rumors and innuendos that may have surfaced before that date, Mr. Jackson did not conceive any lawsuit would be possible based on the payment and release agreement executed by rachael K. bower."

Michael Jackson submitted a signed declaration to these facts.

P.S., Also revealed and confirmed was the official termination of Dr. Tohme Tohme, which went into effect May 5th and disbarred him from having any subsequent affiliation with Michael Jackson or any of his numerous established entities (including MJJ Productions and the newer MJJ Kingdom).

The defense is also calling for the dismissal of rachael's complaint based on the agreement she signed into which prevents her from profiting any further from Michael Jackson and contradicts her very claim.


In fact, paragraph seven of the Payment and Release Agreement below, makes it absolute certain that she was fully aware of the agreement and all of its terms and that she had the ability to have an independent legal counsel review the entire agreement with her. So, any such excuse that she wasn't aware of what she signed would fail in court.

"7. You acknowledge that (a) you have been represented (or had an opportunity to be represented) by independent legal counsel of Your own choice throughout all negotiations that preceded the execution of this Agreement and that you have executed this Agreement with the consent and on the advice of such independent legal counsel or waived the right to do so; (b) you have carefully and thoroughly read this Agreement in its entirety and fully understand its terms and effects, that the terms hereof are fair and reasonable; (c) you have executed this Agreement willingly and without acting under any duress; and (d) that you shall be bound hereby, in all respects."

In going over the Payment and Release Agreement again, the only item that she could even remotely try and fall back on would be a clause cited from California Civil Code Section 1542. However, even though a default right does exist "not to release existing claims of which you are not now aware of and do not suspect to exist" she legally can't pursue that either, as she also agreed to voluntarily waive that right by signing the agreement! See below:

rachael bower & Michael Jackson Payment and Release Agreement Excerpt

5. Waiver of Rights Under California Civil Code Section 1542. You understand and agree that the release set forth above shall extend to any and all claims related to the matters described above, of every nature and kind whatsoever, whether such claims are known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, and any and all rights under Section 1542 of the California Civil Code ("Section 1542") within the scope of this release set forth above are expressly waived. You acknowledge that you have read Section 1542, which provides as follows:


You also understand that Section 1542 gives you the right not to release existing claims of which you are not now aware of and do not suspect to exist, unless you voluntarily choose to waive this right. Even though you are aware of this right, you nevertheless hereby voluntarily waive the right described in Section 1542, and elect to assume all risks for claims that now exist in your favor, known or unknown, arising from the subject matter of the release set forth above, and expressly waive any rights under any other statutes or common law principles of similar effect.

Londell McMillan has long been in possession of the Payment and Release Agreement, it is now in the hands of court and I have a copy as well. It is three pages long and is signed by both rachael bower and Michael Jackson. From the looks of it, Michael was working closely with McMillan well after rachael was released, he initially faxed McMillan the Payment and Release Agreement in February 2008 (a couple months after it was signed). So McMillan appears to have been the one keeping tabs on all of Michael's business dealings and so on for some time, and he is the man best suited to explain the actual situation between MJ and rachael as he already has.

The agreements and contracts that Michael himself signed in 2006 were far more dangerous, this was a countermeasure to help ensure that she didn't abuse those agreements after being dropped from Michael's team--which she still attempted to do by selectively forgetting to mention that agreement in her complaint.

Thanks to TSCM

15. 6. 2009

Madame Tussaud-Michael Jackson moonwalks into the Music Zone

Affirming Michael Jackson’s mega superstar status, we are celebrating the King of Pop’s 'This is It' comeback with a brand new figure of the music legend. It will be the tenth time we have portrayed Jackson, making him the most featured star ever, with only The Queen having been portrayed more often.

'It is extremely unusual for a personality to have been portrayed so many times', comments Liz Edwards, PR Manager at Madame Tussauds London. 'But Michael Jackson is totally unique and his iconic status makes him one of the most popular stars here. He has 'appeared' at Madame Tussauds as Thriller Jackson, Dangerous Jackson and with the huge excitement and buzz around his upcoming return to the stage we wanted to take the opportunity to celebrate his amazing 40 year career and present the 'This is It' Jackson for the 21st century.'

The new figure recreates the classic Jackson pose of the new tour poster – arms outstretched, pelvis thrusting and tip toed with his trade-mark trilby angled forward – and will be revealed before the eagerly anticipated tour kicks off in July.

Jackson’s current figure was created from a sitting the singer gave to sculptors 15 years ago.

11. 6. 2009

Julien's Auctions to sell Michael Jackson objects

Lot 334
Pencil on paper matted drawing of a boy in the style of Peter Pan. The drawing demonstrates quite advanced technique and artistry in it's representation of the boy. It is accompanied by a color photograph showing Jackson actively working on the piece in which we can see that he was using a Polaroid image as the basis for the drawing. 20 by 16 inches

On Friday, June 26, 2009
, Julien's Auctions (the company that was supposed to auction a collection of 2000 Michael Jackson items last April before it was cancelled at the last minute) will sell several Michael Jackson items from the private collection of his long-time friend David Gest.

The items are being auctioned amongst hundreds of other various items as part of the Julien's Summer Sale, which will take place in Planet Hollywood, at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Online bidding will also be possible at http://www.liveauctioneers.com/catalog/19068

The Michael Jackson items will be sold during the second session of the first auction day, starting at 2:00 PM (PDT). It is also possible to see these objects during the public exhibition which will be held from Saturday, June 13, 2009 to Thursday, June 25, 2009 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

10. 6. 2009

Official: AllGood Entertainment Sues Michael Jackson !!!!!!!

June 10, 2009


New Jersey-based concert promoter, AllGood Entertainment, Inc., filed suit today in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York, against pop star, Michael Jackson, AEG Live and Jackson’s Manager, Frank Dileo.

The suit alleges that the defendants violated the plaintiff’s non-compete clause, part of an agreement with Jackson, entered into by Jackson’s current manager, Dileo, in November of 2008. According to AllGood’s attorney, Ira Meyerowitz, of the law firm of Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, “Dileo and the Jacksons must be held accountable for violating plaintiff’s rights under a contract which was signed two full months prior to AEG’s 02 London agreement.”

(Michael) Jackson had made repeated assurances that he wished to perform the disputed concert after the star returned from his London shows. “When pressed to commit on a date, Jackson and Dileo both reneged,” Meyerowitz said.

“This is a case where the little guy followed the rules and was pushed aside by industry giants AEG and the Jacksons for the promise of bigger money and movies,” AEG’s President, Randy Phillips it is known, took part in a secret meeting a few weeks ago at the Beverly Hills Hotel, where he indicated that he had $30 million tied up in Michael Jackson already and that no other promoter was going to interfere with AEG. Phillips is said to have added that Jackson doesn’t even want to do their (AllGood’s) pay-per-view show broadcast.

“Jackson and the other defendants’ actions,” Meyerowitz continued, “appear to be part of a broader pattern of entering into legally binding agreements with companies and individuals and then backing out without just cause.”

The defndants actions are said to have cost the plaintiff millions of dollars.
Founded in 2002, AllGood Entertainment, Inc. is a promoter of live concert events which feature internationally known and acclaimed attractions ranging in ethnic diversity from rock acts, adult contemporary artists and comedians to Latin, R&B, Hip-Hop, Reggaeton and Old School artists.

Meyerowitz Jekielek PLLC, is a New York based law firm specializing in contract litigation. Ira Meyerowitz can be reached for comment at (212) 686-7006 and Jon Jekielek may also be reached at (212) 686-7008.
Contact: Ren Grevatt Associates – (973) 785-4201
They have also filed an injunction against the London shows.

Update: Raymone Baine vs. Michael Jackson

Case Status Update

Yesterday (June 8, 2009), a court hearing was held to deal with the notice of default. Several motions were heard:

- Motion for Preliminary Injunction; heard and taken under advisement.

- Motion for Default Judgment; heard and taken under advisement.

As of yesterday, Michael Jackson was given 10 days to respond to the lawsuit and/or present an argument to quash the case or summons, otherwise proceedings will begin to automatically award Raymone $44 million based on her claims.

The next hearing is scheduled for June 29, 2009 @ 2:00PM.

Michael leaving the medical centre

6. 6. 2009

Fact or fiction? Clearing up all the Michael Jackson rumors

By Robin Leach

After the King of Pop Michael Jackson postponed his first five opening shows of the This Is It run of 50 concerts in London’s 02 Arena, the tawdry tabloid tales and rumors have gotten out of control. They escalate and get worse every day.

To clear up all the craziness, I went inside the Jackson camp and got answers to some sensational scoops claimed by British reporters:

Rumor: Michael is dying from cancer!

Fact: Totally untrue, and the top titans producing his show said he’s had another clean bill of health from the insurance company. He’s ready to go!

Rumor: He’s on a hunger strike and angry about doing 50 shows instead of the original 10 that were planned.

Fact: He is not starving himself to beat cancer or protest the rehearsals schedule. He’s getting himself into shape, and both Michael and the AEG producers scheduled the additional 40 shows on the 02 Arena booking calendar if the original 10 shows sold out faster than expected!

Rumor: Michael is worried he’s not strong enough to perform every other night for 50 shows for 1 million fans and has skipped rehearsals.

Fact: He’s attended all of the preparations and rehearsals, and my insiders report that everything is on schedule. Michael, director Kenny Ortega, dancers and choreographers will relocate from Center Staging Studios in Burbank, Calif., to London in the next two weeks to prepare the final elements.

Says AEG Live President Randy Phillips: “The British tabloid stories are untrue. Michael is thrilled at selling 50 shows. The size and scale of this show would not be possible without an extended run, and Michael has been fully onboard from the very beginning. He has not agreed to a world tour to follow at this point, but he has the option to do so at any time.”

I was told that the shows will be “truly spectacular” and unlike anything ever seen. Michael has wrapped the video sequences for the giant projection screens being used in the staging. R&B singer Akon made British headlines, too, saying the King of Pop wouldn’t be singing live. Again, another exaggerated story, my insiders say. “Michael will perform, he will dance, he will sing,” I was told. “You can’t do all three at once live, so of course there will be some pre-recorded tracks. But the fans won’t have a second to be disappointed about what they will see and hear! Akon has promised to be in the front row of the July 16 premiere concert. He said: “It’s going to be amazing. I’m going to have front row tickets. I will have the best tickets in the house and will be so close to the stage, you will think that I am on it.”

The Los Angeles Times reported this past weekend that banker Tom Barrack, who runs Colony Capital, is heavily involved in Michael’s massive show-business comeback. Barrack’s company has major ownership interests here in the Las Vegas Hilton and the Stations Casino group.

Rumor: Michael will open a $3 billion Thriller casino on the Strip.

Fact: Untrue because nobody believes the Nevada Gaming Commission would give Michael a gaming license. The hope is that part of Michael’s memorabilia and Thriller successes could be used inside a casino as an entertainment attraction.

My reporter friend Chris Lee wrote this weekend in the Los Angeles Times: “His backers envision the London shows as an audition for a career rebirth that could ultimately encompass a three-year world tour, a new album, movies, a Graceland-like museum and musical revues in Las Vegas and Macau.” Chris quoted Barrack as saying: “You are talking about a guy who could make $500 million a year if he puts his mind to it. There are very few individual artists who are multibillion-dollar businesses, and he is one.” He also quoted Frank DiLeo, Michael’s manager and friend of 30 years, as saying: “Michael is very focused. He is not going to let anybody down. Not himself. Not his fans. Not his family.”

The inner circle around Michael confirm that he wants to do the London concerts not only for monetary reasons but also because he believes his children are now old enough and want to see him onstage. Sons Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., 12, Prince Michael, 7, and daughter Paris Michael Katherine, 11, have never seen him perform live. “They are old enough to appreciate and understand what I do, and I am still young enough to do it,” Randy quoted Jackson as saying.

I am reliably told that the only reason Michael’s original July 9 comeback premiere was delayed to July 16 was because of the time needed for the load-in and construction of his giant stage and special effects. “It was the only reason,” my top insider told me. “Nothing else. It was just logistics.”

Madonna ends a two-night run at the 02 Arena on July 5, and Michael’s production people take over July 6.

“We are totally confident Michael will be onstage, healthy, strong and well. The insurance is in place for exactly that, and his doctors have given the green light. It will be the best ever show ever seen anywhere in the world,” my top insider told me.
Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world’s premier platinum playground.

Michael Defaults in $44 Million Suit

Michael Jackson has defaulted in the $44 million lawsuit between himself and his former publicist.

The clerk’s office at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia entered the default entry earlier today. Jackson was sued on May 6 by his former publicist, Raymone Bain, who claimed the singer failed to pay her for her role in several major financial deals. Jackson has yet to officially make contact with the court or name a lawyer. Bain’s attorneys filed a motion for default earlier this week with Judge James Robertson of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Bain’s lawyer, Cahn & Samuels name partner Frederick Samuels, declined to comment earlier this week on whether he has made contact with Jackson’s lawyers (assuming, of course, he has any).

The official filing (dated 06/04/2009) states:
It appearing that the above-named defendant(s) failed to plead or otherwise defend this action though duly served on , and an affidavit on behalf of the plaintiff having been filed, it is this 4th day of June 2009 declared that defendant(s) is/are in default.

In legal terms "default judgement" means that Ms.Bain won $44 million and should be awarded with the solicited sum.
Default is distinguishable from Negligence in that it does not involve carelessness or imprudence with respect to the discharge of a duty or obligation but rather the intentional omission or nonperformance of a duty.

A default judgment is one that may be entered against a party in a lawsuit for failure to comply with a procedural step in the suit, such as failure to file an answer to a complaint or failure to file a paper on time. A default judgment is not one that goes to the merits of a lawsuit but is procedural in nature.

Of course, there is no judgement yet; it is just default; judgement goes immediately only in some jurisdictions.

Michael most likely will have to pay something , depends on 2 things:
1) if he bothers to show up to the next hearing or sends an attorney (if he does not then he has to pay 44 mil)
2) if he DOES show up and send somebody he needs to show proof as to why he hadn’t gone before (ie. if he wasn’t served, or if the person serving him did so lawfully)

If the judge then grants him the chance to go to trial or arbitration (which he probably will as long as mike shows up) then he could settle for a much smaller amount but the key word is IF he does bother to show up or send someone.

4. 6. 2009

New Pics of Michael and kids

Yesterday Prince Michael I, 12, and Paris Michael, 11, were seen enjoying the fresh air with their faces revealed to the world as they joined their famous father at a Los Angeles recording studio.

Not realising they could be seen from the street, Prince and Paris looked like regular pre-teens as they strolled through the car park.

It was only when they left the studio two hours later, they were wearing masks again.

Also joining the Jacksons at the building was High School Musical director Kenny Ortega, who is creative director of Michael's This Is It UK tour.

3. 6. 2009

PRESS RELEASE (All Good Entertainment)

For Immediate Release

Contact: Ladd Biro, Champion Management
972.724.3039; lbiro@championmgt.com
AllGood CEO Reaffirms Commitment to Jacksons Show
Allocco still believes “Michael Jackson is a man of his word”

Morristown, NJ (June 2, 2009) – Responding to several conflicting reports and mischaracterizations circulating in the media, Patrick Allocco, CEO of AllGood Entertainment, reiterated his desire to produce the Jackson Family Reunion concert with Michael Jackson and his siblings.

“Let me say this as clearly and unequivocally as I possibly can,” said Allocco. “I have spoken with Michael Jackson and I believe that he is an honorable man. A man of his word. I look forward to working with him and his entire family on the historic show we have been planning for more than a year.”

“Unlike so many characters in Michael’s past, we’re trying to put money – big money – in his pockets, not take money out of them,” continued Allocco. “All we want is for our show to go on, per the contract we executed with his manager late last year, and there will be no need for lawyers.”

The Jackson Family Reunion Concert is scheduled for July 3, 2010, at the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

AEG CEO: Michael Jackson Concert Concerns 'Not True'

AEG Live president and CEO Randy Phillips has rejected U.K. tabloid reports that Michael Jackson told fans that he only wanted to play 10 London O2 Arena shows rather than the 50 that have been scheduled.

The Sun reported that Michael Jackson told fans outside his L.A. rehearsal space that he wanted to play 10 O2 shows and then go on tour.

In a statement, Randy Phillips, president & CEO, AEG Live, commented: "This is not true; Michael Jackson was thrilled at selling 50 shows. The size and scale of this show would not be possible without an extended run, which Michael has been fully on board with from the very beginning. He has not agreed to a world tour at this point, however, he can at any time."

2. 6. 2009

NEW video

DOWNLOAD (DivX): - http://rapidshare.com/files/239773723/20090601_TMZ_MJ.avi

"Are you going on tour?"
MJ - Yeez (thats the way he was pronouncing it to me lol, didnt see too happy with being pap'd)
"To london ahh?"
Mj - Yeez
"what about the Jackson5? Going on tour with the Jackson 5?"
"Oh you are"?
MJ - No Response
"cool Michael, hey the kiddies!"