21. 5. 2009

This official MJJC support report of those who are in a serious situation,

MJJC is about community, we are all one big team and together we will do our best to get you all through this as easy as possible.

So You need to post
  1. An email with your concert/question/complaint which will be subbmitted to AEG to
  1. We need the details of your loss
  • Your Name and forum name
  • Your concert date
  • Your seat Number
  • Your flight carrier
  • Your Hotel name and dates booked
  • The costs in which you have lost (estimated)
With the above information we will be personaly submiting this to AEG in a spread sheet format and we will also be on a grand scale contacting the hotels and airline carriers to see what we can as a major organisation do.

MJJCommunity is here for you, I have been hearing some really heart wrenching stories this evening and me and my team can not sit back and do nothing,

So MJJC is here for you

Nation 2 Nation


Gary M Taylor
President & Owner MJJCommunity.com

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